RemoteApp allows you to run applications that are stored on servers or in the cloud as though they are running on your own computer.

This is nowhere near as crude as a Remote Desktop or Citrix-esque window in to another computer – this is an application that for all intents and purposes appears to be installed locally next to your icons, files, taskbar, printers and so on.

RemoteApp has been around for over a decade, but for a long time was not widely used. Fortunately, it has gained a traction as a suitable replacement for desktop virtualisation solutions such as Remote Desktop or Citrix XenDesktop.

NW Computing designs, implements and supports RemoteApp solutions for companies around Australia and New Zealand. We’ve built high-availability RemoteApp platforms for critical public infrastructure, we’ve used RemoteApp to run full Windows applications on iPads and Android tablets, and we’ve managed plenty of smooth transitions from legacy solutions to faster, more user-friendly technology.

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