It’s no longer a question of ‘whether to move to the cloud’ – it’s now ‘how to move’, ‘what workloads’ and ‘how to optimise for the cloud’. We’re experts in leveraging cloud technologies to realise the largest efficiency gains.

NW Computing manages and optimises cloud environments for hundreds of companies across Australia and New Zealand.

We have been awarded Microsoft’s highest possible certification for consistently achieving outstanding customer outcomes in the cloud.

Managed Wifi = Happy Staff

One of the most frequent infrastructure frustrations we come across is slow, patchy, unreliably wifi. It’s not enough to just fix these issues – wireless connectivity is generally core business functionality, and it needs to enable your team to work more efficiently.

Managed Wifi is exactly what it sounds like – NW Computing takes over full management of your wireless infrastructure and configuration to ensure it performs at its best, 24 hours a day.

Our distributed wireless networks allows your staff to move seamlessly around the office and to other offices, even in other countries. No passwords to remember and no challenges with getting set up.

Even the fastest wireless networks can become overloaded if not managed. When someone copies a large amount of data to or from their computer, nearby users will be impacted unless preventative measures are in place. NW Computing can set up and manage intelligent prioritisation to ensure that VoIP and other latency-sensitive traffic are prioritised.

Wireless networks are a common attack vector for hackers as they can often attack from some distance away. A fully managed wireless network includes preventative security patching and best-practice enforcement, as well as monitoring of all connected devices, identification of scanning and other suspicious activity, and 24/7 alerting and remediation of threats.

NW Computing has strategic partners with Cisco Meraki, Ubiquiti UniFi and Datto to provide the most suitable solution at the best price point.